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This is the heart of our business, so you can be absolutely safe and assured that we will clean your home or business expertly, expansively, safely and quickly. 

We use ONLY the HIGHEST quality cleaning agents and supplies.  We examine every area and remove dirt, dust, grime, oil, glue, stains, residue, grease, waste, remains, and sludge from even the smallest surfaces.  We use high-powered commercial vacuums, polishers, steam-cleaners and buffers. We work top down, from the ceiling to the floor. We clean EVERYTHING, furniture, upholstery, windows, facades, blinds, stoves and grease traps.

Our goal is to create a new, crisp and clean environment.  We attend to odor detection and removal, air flow, leak detection, mold removal.  We want you to experience a feeling of “clean” with at least 3 of your 5 senses: sight, smell, and touch.  You may even experience more clarity in sound quality and a fresher “taste” in your mouth. 

We want you to see more clearly, breathe more deeply and rest more comfortably.

All of this is really possible with superior cleaning, such as that provided by Armani Janitorial Services.  For more complete lists of examples of our cleaning services, please visit our Services page.