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Planning a special event can be very exciting and when properly promoted and executed, a great way to market your business or connect with family and friends.  But the execution is often overwhelming.

We have the expertise, manpower, equipment and tools to manage all of the event logistics, leaving you with time to do what you do best – market your business and connect with important people.  We can arrange the setup and load-in times, move equipment, set up chairs, tables and staging, coordinate with the wait staff, and take care of anything else related to facility preparation.

When the event is concluded, you can simply go home, leaving the tear down and cleanup to us.  We will insure that everything is left in perfect condition, assuring you a safe return of your deposit, and a stellar reputation in the community.

We can handle just about any type of event or production. Give us a call at 206.235.0016 to discuss the many ways we can help you conduct an exceptionally smooth affair!

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